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Library Exhibits Policy


In order to fulfill its mission to meet the informational, educational, recreational, and cultural needs of our community, the Marshes of Glynn Libraries provide the public with access to a variety of exhibits and displays that may feature the work of outside individuals and groups. The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures for managing library exhibits and to define the rights and responsibilities of the Marshes of Glynn Libraries and library exhibitors.


The following definitions apply to this policy.

  • “Library” refers to the Marshes of Glynn Libraries, consisting of the Brunswick-Glynn County Library and the St. Simons Island Public Library.
  • “Employee” refers to any full-time or part-time employee of the Marshes of Glynn Libraries.
  • “Exhibit” refers any display of works of art, crafts, collections, printed materials, or other objects made available for public view.
  • “Exhibitor” refers to any individual or group that provides the content for an exhibit at the library.

The primary responsibility for selection, scheduling, and setting the duration of library exhibits is held by the library Programming Coordinator. Exhibits are chosen to enrich the patron experience at the library by providing an opportunity to view works of art, crafts, collections, and other items of potential interest to the community.

Exhibits solely represent the views of the exhibitors and do not reflect those of the Marshes of Glynn Libraries, Board of Trustees, and Glynn County Board of Commissioners. The Marshes of Glynn Libraries, Board of Trustees, and Glynn County Board of Commissioners accept no liability for loss or damage to the content of library exhibits.

Library employees will not engage in any activities related to sales transactions on behalf of an exhibitor or a buyer. These prohibited activities include taking or delivering money, contacting the exhibitor on behalf of a buyer, contacting a buyer on behalf of the exhibitor, and answering specific questions about pricing.

This policy applies to all currently scheduled library exhibits and any exhibits scheduled after this policy is adopted.

With the exception of those exhibits directly contracted by the library or created by library employees, all prospective exhibitors must fill out and sign the MOGL Exhibit Application Form and turn it in to the Programming Coordinator. Prospective exhibitors will need to provide samples of their work or a description of the exhibit as specified on the Exhibit Application Form. By signing the Exhibit Application Form, the exhibitor agrees to abide by the Library Exhibits Policy.

The Programming Coordinator will contact prospective exhibitors with a decision regarding their application within thirty days. If the application is accepted, the Program Coordinator will provide the exhibitor with a tentative date for their exhibit. Due to the popularity of library exhibits, exhibitors may face a significant wait before the starting date of their exhibits.

On the start date for their exhibits, exhibitors are solely responsible for all setup tasks. The library provides wall mounting hardware and display cases for exhibitors to use. All items in an exhibit will remain on display for the full duration of the exhibit regardless of any sales that may occur. Exhibitors are solely responsible for removing their exhibits on the final date they are scheduled.

Exhibitors are not allowed to display any pricing information about items in their exhibit. In lieu of pricing information, exhibitors may display a note no larger than a standard letter size sheet that directs all sales inquiries to the contact information they provide.

Adopted by the MOGL Board of Trustees on November 18, 2015
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