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Brunswick Library Rental Policies and Rules

  1. The library reserves the right in the exercise of its sole discretion to terminate, without notice, use of the Brunswick Library by any organization or individual that violates these policies and procedures.
  2. The library shall not be used for any unlawful activity or any activity which may be disruptive, divisive, unlawful, or demeaning to the community or any members of the community.
  3. The use of the library shall be restricted to purposes that offer community benefits and family events. Community events shall include business meetings, training classes, seminars, concerts, banquets, author events, and similar gatherings deemed appropriate by the Executive Director and the Board of Trustees.
  4. Organizations or individuals seeking to rent the library space shall be required to demonstrate sound financial status (any person, group, or organization with unpaid rentals at any Glynn County facility will be required to bring all Glynn County accounts to current paid status before they may rent the library).
  5. Renters of the library space may not use the name of the library, Glynn County, its officials, or employees in advertising or in advertising or in any other manner that may imply sponsorship or sanction of any event or activity.
  6. No signs or notices of any kind may be used outside the library advertising any event or activity except signs or notices approved by the library in writing in advance of placement of the sign or notice.
  7. Fire codes shall be adhered to at all times including, but not limited to, seating capacity, lobby capacity and other areas of the building. Listed below are the occupant load for each rentable room or area in the library facility:
    • Meeting Room 1 TBD
    • Meeting Room 2 TBD
    • Conference Room A TBD
    • Conference Room B TBD
    • Conference Room C TBD
    • Conference Room A & B TBD
    • Conference Room B & C TBD
    • Conference Room A, B, & C TBD
  8. Smoking is prohibited at all times in the library building. Smoking is allowed 25 feet from any point of the public building.
  9. No dried rice, birdseed, fireworks, bubbles, or other material may be used or thrown inside the library or on library property in relation to an event for which any part of the library is rented.
  10. The renter is responsible for all actions of guest’s caterer, florist, and all vendors providing services to the renter. The renter is responsible for informing these individuals or companies of the rules and regulations concerning the use of the library and providing written copies of these polices and rules.
  11. If food is to be served, the name of the caterer shall be provided to the library at the time of the submission of the rental application.
  12. No cooking is permitted in the library or on library property. All food preparation must take place off premises. The caterer shall provide proof of all applicable (paid up-to-date) occupational taxes, local and state alcohol beverage licenses, local and state health permits, and any other required certification.
  13. The specific use of the library, beverage and items served, audio and/or amplification systems or devices, and entertainment must be approved by the library. The renter is responsible for compliance with the Glynn County’s Noise Ordinance and all other County and City of Brunswick ordinances and laws by all persons attending the event at the library. (60 decibels max)
  14. The renter is responsible for clean-up of the catering kitchen and area. All trash to include food must be placed in heavy-duty plastic garbage bags, secured tightly and disposed of in the trash cans or other trash receptacles provided by the library. Boxes must be broken down. If this is not done, an additional full clean-up fee will be charged to the renter, payable within 10 days.
  15. The library will not be responsible for food preparations, supplies or food consumed.
  16. The library reserves the right in the sole exercise of its discretion to deny and/or limit the use of the library due to life safety and/or maintenance concerns.
  17. The library is not responsible for any rental items such as dance floors, tables, chairs, tablecloths, etc. Set up and removal of these items is the renter’s responsibility. There is no overnight storage.
  18. Renters are responsible for all set up and take down of the room(s).
  19. The library must approve specific room set-up, including furniture placement and decorations. A set-up drawing must be submitted for approval at least 30 days prior to the scheduled event. All equipment and artwork owned by the library shall remain in the library at all times with no exceptions. The library will be responsible for moving or relocating any equipment, if necessary.
  20. No permanent features of the library may be changed by any renting party. No decorations are allowed on the building, walls, or corridors, nor any signs or decorations supported by nails, tacks, screws, pressure sensitive tape, or double-sided tape be applied on walls, woodwork, etc. without approval of the library. Any decorations used by the renter shall be non-flammable materials and shall conform to the regulations and ordinances of Glynn County. Request for decorations shall be submitted for approval at least 30 days prior to the scheduled event.
  21. To protect both parties involved, an equipment and facilities checklist must be completed by the library before and after each event.
  22. The library, Glynn County, and its employees do not assume responsibility for items left after the rental time. The renter, caterer, florist, and any other providers or individuals are responsible for the removal of all equipment within 45 minutes following the event.
  23. No pyrotechnics may be used at the library.
  24. All rentals will be confirmed in writing to the renting person, group or party. It is the responsibility of the renter to verify all dates and factual information for accuracy.
  25. Applications for use of the library may be made up to six months in advance of the event. No application will be deemed complete, nor a date reserved, until the rental fee, clean-up fee, and damage deposit are received and any instrument of payment successfully negotiated. All fees and deposit is returnable for a cancellation of more than 60 days before the day of the event.
  26. The library or designee shall be present to open and close the library for all events and activities.
  27. The renter shall assume all responsibility for the acts and conduct of all persons admitted to the premises during the term of the rental period and renter shall comply with all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations of the State of Georgia and Glynn County and will obtain and pay for all necessary permits and licenses. If a violation occurs and is not immediately corrected, the library or its designee will terminate the event and no refund will be made.
  28. The renter shall be liable for all damages or injury to the building and to all furniture, fixtures, and equipment located at the library including all rental items and items brought to the building by the renter or its agents or representatives, and agrees to indemnify and hold the library and its designees harmless from claims and suits arising out of injury or death to persons or damage to either the property or the renter’s property.
  29. The library reserves the right, in the sole exercise of its discretion to refuse rental of the library facilities to any person, group or group organization that in the past has violated any Glynn County Ordinances, Policies, Procedures, Rules and Regulations; or has shown a disregard for persons or property; or who in the opinion of the library did not conduct themselves in a peaceable and appropriate manner.
  30. No charge or fee shall be required of any attendee at the event for any food, alcoholic beverage, or any other thing except that a caterer may charge the renter for such items provided to all persons at the event.
  31. The renter is personally responsible for any violations of rental agreement, State Law, Glynn County Ordinances, or these regulations. The renter shall remain on the premises of the event until the event is ended and clean-up that is required preformed.
  32. The renter must pay rental, clean-up, and damage deposit at the time the facilities are reserved.
  33. A fee may be deducted from the deposit to cover the cost of excessive clean-up and/or damage to the facility and/or equipment. If the damage deposit is insufficient to cover the excess cleanup or damage charges, the renter will be billed for the shortfall with payment due within 5 days.
  34. FOR EVENTS THAT WILL INVOLVE ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION, the following additional rules are included:
    Alcoholic beverages are permitted in the library building during special events and activities, subject to the caterer of the event holding all applicable local and state licenses;
    1. Alcoholic beverages may be served Friday and Saturday from 5:00 PM to 11:59 PM. Other days and times of the week must get written approval from the library at the time of the application.
    2. No alcohol may be consumed outside the library, any public parking area, or on the public sidewalks at any time.
    3. No open containers shall be carried from the library. All alcoholic beverages shall be consumed within the walls of the rented room(s). Serve/drink no alcohol until the police officer arrives for the event.
    4. Any necessary permits must be secured and a copy is to be provided to the library at least 72 hours prior to the event.
    5. All alcoholic beverages served at the events in the library shall be dispensed into cups that are 16 ounces or less, approved by the library prior to the event. Glassware may not be taken out on the front porch (Gloucester Street entrance).
    6. The renter shall not permit any person to bring any alcoholic beverages for fewer than all persons in attendance at the event. No “brown-bagging” or “bring your own bottle” shall be permitted.
    7. No beer kegs may be used on the premises.
  35. Events shall last no more than four (4) hours if alcohol is served.
  36. Security Requirements: renter must provide at his/her own expense one off-duty Glynn County Police Officer when serving alcoholic beverages. The Officer must be compensated on-site by the renter. The library makes the arrangements.
  • You must pay for all the hours that you will be in the building, including set-up and clean-up times.
  • Renters should check with caterers to make sure they know the rental hours. No staff will be available to open rooms before the start of the rental time. Clean-up must be done by the time the rental is over. Excessive clean-up after events means they won’t get all of the deposit back.
  • Decorations may be tied up; not taped or attached by anything that leaves a residue.
  • The library cannot block any of the doors during the hours the library is open to the public.
  • Please see the library’s website for hours of operation.
  • The library book drops cannot be blocked off at any time, and must be available to the public at all hours.
  • Nothing can be thrown (birdseed, rice, rose petals, fireworks, bubbles etc.).
  • No kegs are allowed and no bring your own or brown bagging.
  • Alcohol can be served up to four hours while an Officer is present. Alcohol must not be consumed during set-up and clean-up. The Officer is paid directly, the night of the event at $40 per hour (minimum of $120). The renter may be called by the police contact a few days ahead of the event.
  • There is NO cooking in the building or on the front porch.
  • NO FOOD OR GREASE down the kitchen drain.
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