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2017 Summer Reading Program

Our libraries now offer an online option called Beanstack that children and teens can use to log their reading and library activities for our 2017 Summer Reading Program.

Step 1: Create Your Beanstack Account

  1. Go to to create an account.
  2. Choose the Register an Individual or Family option.
  3. For parents or caregivers, choose I would like to register a child.
  4. Enter the Adult Information – first name, last name, username, and password are required. (Please record your username and password for future reference.)
  5. Enter your Child’s Information – first name, age, grade level, and school are required. (Schools are listed alphabetically, including options for Not in School, Homeschool, and Other.)
  6. Click the Next button below the form.
  7. Register additional children as needed.
  8. It is optional to register yourself.

Step 2: Pre-Register for Our Summer Reading Program

  1. When you sign in to Beanstack, you will see a name listed at the top. This is the child you will Pre-Register.
  2. Click the Pre-Register for This Program button in each of the Levels listed. (It is important to do this in all Levels listed.)
  3. Click the Switch Reader link to choose a different child.
  4. Repeat the Pre-Register steps for each child as necessary.

Step 3: Log Reading and Activities (Starting May 30)

  1. Sign in to Beanstack with your username and password.
  2. Click the Log Reading and Activities button.
  3. If applicable, select the correct child.
  4. Choose the Log Type – EVENT or MINUTES (not Book).
  5. If you choose EVENT, type the name of the event, select the date, and click the Log button.
  6. If you choose MINUTES, enter the number of minutes, the title and author of the book (optional), and click the Log button.
  7. Click the Write Review button to submit a book review. (Book reviews only count toward Level 3 and Level 4.)

Step 4: View Progress in Each Level

  1. After signing in to Beanstack, use the Switch Reader link, if necessary, to choose a particular reader.
  2. Click the Return to This Program button in the Level you want to view.
  3. The Goals section lets you see how much time you have logged reading and how many events you have attended.
  4. The Badges section shows you how many of the badges you have earned for that Level.
  5. Click the Reward or Certificate link to see what you can earn.

Program Overview and Rules

Participants will be able to complete up to four Levels of our Build a Better World Summer Reading Program.

Level 1 – Register for our program and earn three additional badges by reading or attending library events. Children who complete this Level will receive a free book they can pick up at one of our libraries.

Level 2 – Add three more reading or event badges to your total from Level One and receive another free book. Completing Level Two also earns participants an entry into our grand prize raffle.

Levels 3 and 4 (available to ages 6+) – Earn additional badges for logging more than 30 hours of reading and submitting book reviews. Every badge earned for an additional five hours of reading (beyond 30) and a book review gives children extra entries into the grand prize raffle. Completing each level also earns the reader another free book.